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Using Small Business Software: There has to be a better way!

As a small business technology advisor, we’ll often be called into an office to provide technical support.  Sometimes the client will casually mention some glaring inefficiency that we know could be easily be remedied with a software program. 

Small Business Software Saves Time and Money!

If you ever catch yourself saying or thinking, “There has to be a better way!” – there probably is!

If you can’t find a packaged software solution that meets your needs, we can either customize an existing software program or create custom developed software that meets your unique needs. We can help you decide between cloud and desktop small business programs and evaluate small business SaaS solutions.

Some examples of projects we’ve uncovered include:

1. Using a whiteboard vs. a CRM package

Multiple times, we’ve seen companies track sales using a whiteboard. To manage the sales process, they wrote all of the prospective accounts on one side of the board and all the closed business on the other side of the board.

How much easier would it be if they had customer relationship management software package so they wouldn’t have to actually be standing in the office to know what their sales pipeline looks like.

Now, many companies ALSO use whiteboards, but they’re used more as a constant visual reminder of sales priorities. Ideally, sales VPs, and sales reps are able see their accounts from any device from wherever they are.

Lots of affordable CRM software programs are available for small and medium sized businesses, including:

Many times these (or other scheduling solutions) can also track jobs for companies with field service personnel or consulting teams. Appointments are tracked right within Outlook or Google Calendar, and directions are easily looked up through Google Maps.

2. Excel spreadsheets vs. small business softwareMicrosoft excel swiss army knife

One of the hallmark indicators that suggest, “There’s got to be a better way!” is if you are using Excel spreadsheets to manage critical aspects of your business.

We’ve seen clients spending 2 days creating reports. If they had software program or a custom database or perhaps even just a custom QuickBooks report, they would save HOURS of wasted time spent on low-value tasks.

Microsoft Excel truly is the “Swiss Army Knife” of business technology. Yes, it will do in a pinch, but it’s dangerously inefficient as a filet knife, can’t compete with a cordless drill, and will never replace full-sized scissors. Pick a professional tool to do a professional job.

3. Using personal email accounts instead of a business email account

Another technology workaround we’ve seen multiple times is that everyone in the company has a personal-professional email. Like and Then they jerry-rig email forwarding make it all work. For a small amount of money, we could setup a professional business email system, which would give the company shared calendars, shared groups, shared documents, and much greater data security. There are million excellent reasons to have a professional email address – and few reasons not to.

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There has to be a better way – and there is!

Listen to that little voice. These low value administrative tasks divert your focus from things that would add more value to your business. Finding affordable technology solutions can help you:

  • Make faster, better business decisions
  • Collaborate more efficiently, especially when you have remote employees and partners
  • Craft a more professional image
  • Reduce overhead costs

We believe in helping our clients “explore the possibilities.” We typically provide a range of options that fit your needs and help you understand the pros/cons of each solution so you build your technology infrastructure in a way that will help your growing business become more efficient and more profitable.

Book an Explore the Possibilities call – or for Metro Detroit area businesses, request a FREE Tech Check onsite assessment with us! No pressure. We’re happy to see how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my small business need software?

Using software as a small business will help you grow quickly. Take away manual data entry to free up time and resources, with less mistakes made.

Why do I need a business email?

Not only will a business email make you look more professional, but it gives the option for shared calendars, shared documents, and increased data security.

Can technology help my small business?

Finding affordable technology solutions can help you:
-Make faster, better business decisions
-Collaborate more efficiently, especially when you have remote employees and partners
-Craft a more professional image
-Reduce overhead costs

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