At a Glance

Keeping your information secure

Data security, network security, cybersecurity – these security practices all fall under the umbrella of information security. Information security can broadly be defined as the end-to-end protection of your business information.

By taking a proactive approach to security, we can help you keep information flowing smoothly and securely in and out of your business – while preventing unauthorized access, use, and destruction of information. Our information security consulting services are designed around your needs to:

  • Prevent malware attacks, data security breaches and data loss from happening.
  • Protect your customer’s privacy and adding additional security layers around sensitive information like financial and health information.
  • Help you respond quickly and appropriately to any information security threat – whether that’s a fired employee, a hard drive crash, or a detected security vulnerability. Preparation is key.

Right now, information security is a top priority for many businesses. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated. And – with so many people working remotely, long-standing security practices like geofencing your office building are no longer as effective. Don’t wait until you experience a security incident. If you haven’t updated your information security plan recently, let our security professionals conduct an on-site risk assessment. We can either put your mind at ease that you’re well protected – or help create a information security plan.

Our information security services and solutions

Pretty much everything we do involves protecting your data and systems from loss or intrusion, like:

  • Regularly backing up your data – and testing the recovery procedures
  • Implementing security solutions like firewalls and anti-virus software
  • Networking security monitoring
  • Cloud security monitoring
  • Installing security updates and patches
  • Instituting IT security policies and procedures
  • Creating disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Making sure you meet any regulatory requirements