Whether you need specific skill sets to work on a project, or you are looking for a team of IT professionals who can take care of your business technology needs, Just like having your own internal IT department, our consultants act as your IT team, except you get a more diverse skill set that you can use on an as-needed basis.

Eclipse Consulting has the talent and resources to help you successfully implement your IT project. If you don’t see the service you are looking for on this list, please ask!

application hosting 2

Application Hosting

Move your desktop software to the cloud to make it more easily available to employees and customers.

backup recovery 2

Backup & Recovery Services

Having a small business backup plan is critical, but so is testing the recovery processes. We can create a backup and recovery plan – and continually manage it – so you don’t have to worry about losing data or losing sleep!

cloud migration 2

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration services help you move your data, integrate your systems,  improve data security and optimize your IT environment. Cloud hosting can lower your total cost of ownership and is more secure than on-premise servers.

email management 2

Email Management

Email is still the number one tool for business communication. We can assist you with the email setup, management, and continued support to get the rest of the team secure and confident.

staff augmentation 2

IT Staff Augmentation

Through our IT staff augmentation, we can help your IT department add specific skills or just the extra hands needed to get a project done on time. Our team becomes a part of your team to help you succeed.

help desk 2

IT Support

We have a variety of tools available to provide in-office or remote IT support to restore your computers, servers and software to perfect health.

Microsoft 365 2

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft 365 Partner, we help you make the most of your technology investment. With the new Microsoft 365 you can get more done with innovative features.

network management 2

Network Management

Keep your network environment running smoothly and securely with our expert service and maintenance.

technology assessment

Technology Assessment

Like getting a health checkup from your doctor, a technology assessment can help you find latent issues before they become larger problems.

technology selection 2

Technology Selection

We do everything “from the walls out” to setup your office IT environment. Buying small business computer hardware can be tricky. That’s why we ALWAYS recommend our clients call us before buying any new server, computer, laptop, storage device or mobile device.

VOIP telephony 2

VOIP Business Phones

VOIP is perfect for the company who wants an affordable, but professional, phone system.