At a Glance

Cloud migration services

We can migrate your desktop applications to secure cloud infrastructure environment, so that they are widely available to users through an internet connection. Companies frequently choose cloud migration because they don’t want to buy or maintain on-premise servers. Instead of having an upfront capital expense, cloud servers become part of your operational costs. We can help move your data by:

  • Recommending the right hosting platform – AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Ensuring application and environment compatibility
  • Onboarding users and setting up security roles
  • Importing data

Once we’re finished with the cloud migration, we turn the keys over to you to manage the environment. If you’d like us to manage and maintain your cloud environment, ask about our application hosting services instead.

Cloud Computing: Are you ready to migrate?

When you think of moving to the cloud, you may be thinking of this in one of two ways.

  1. You want to evaluate moving to SaaS (software-as-a-service) cloud-based apps, where your business pays a monthly or annual fee for the use of the software. The SaaS provider keeps the software up-to-date. Users access the software through a web browser. We consider this to be part of our software selection services.
  2. You want to move your desktop apps, databases, and IT infrastructure to the cloud – usually Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users typically access the software securely through a VPN. Your private environment is 100% owned by you. You decide when to upgrade. This is what we mean when we talk about cloud migration services. If you want us to manage the cloud environment, that’s part of our application hosting services.

Why move to the cloud?

  • Cloud hosting can lower your total cost of ownership. Instead of owning and maintaining on-premise servers, you can right-size your resource utilization so you are only paying for what you need.
  • Cloud hosting is usually even more secure and reliable than on-premise servers. Microsoft Azure and AWS are both built for scale, speed and security.
  • You can get up and running quickly. We can build a virtual environment for you in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional server setup.

Our cloud migration services help you move your data, integrate your systems,  improve data security and optimize your IT environment.