At a Glance

Network management maximizes uptime

Keep your servers running smoothly with our remote monitoring services. By installing a small piece of code on your servers, we monitor the health of your network and provide routine network maintenance services in order to:

  • Optimize network performance
  • Keep the IT environment stable and secure
  • Monitor event logs, firewalls, and attached devices for unusual activity
  • Keep anti-virus and other software up-to-date
  • Run regular backup and data recovery tests
  • Manage file sharing, security roles, and user administration
  • Create workflows and alerts when anomalies are detected

The biggest benefit of having experts handle the network management is that problems are caught while they are small, helping you stay ahead of problems that could cause downtime or disruption.

On-site or remote network management services

Our team has the skills and experience to prevent, diagnose and solve network issues quickly. By benchmarking traffic and other network metrics, we can detect issues quickly – before they become a major problem.