Technology Consulting Services

No matter what your business is today, it depends on technology. Our goal is to help you select and maintain the technology solutions that support your business goals. Our technology consulting team works closely with you to understand your needs and keep your business running smoothly.

While we’ve broken out our technology consulting services into key areas, we think of our consulting services as being more of a holistic IT partner for small businesses, helping at every stage from startup through expansion to:

  • Keep your business operations running smoothly
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Find new opportunities for efficiency and growth
  • Reduce the risk of privacy breaches and data loss

Our team is small enough to provide the personalized support growing businesses need, and large enough to have the right amount of breadth and bandwidth in our technology skills.

business continuity

Business Continuity

Protect your company against fire, flood, malware and other threats before they happen. We help you keep your data safe and get you back in business quickly.

business productivity 2

Business Productivity

Business productivity is the alignment of technology, process and people. We can help you thrive!

growing businesses 2

Growing Businesses

Whether you’re looking to add employees, add new locations, or scale operations, we can help you meet your business goals by providing practical business-oriented technical advice and on-demand help desk support.

information security

Information Security

Information security can broadly be defined as the end-to-end protection of your business information.

IT policies 2

IT Policies & Procedures

IT Policies & Procedures can help your employees work more efficiently as well as reduce cybersecurity risks.

it roadmap 2

IT Strategy & Roadmap

Having a plan can save you plenty of money – and headaches – down the road.

new office 2

New Office Setup

Need a new office setup? Whether it’s a home office, a new branch, or a new business, we can help you setup your new office for success.

technology advisor 2

Technology Advisor

As an outsourced IT services provider, we can provide a more diverse skill set at a lower cost and lower risk than hiring a full-time IT professional.

work at home 2

Work at Home

While some employers are ready to have everyone back at the office, others are looking for mid-to-long-term plans that support employees working at home in the most productive and secure way possible.