At a Glance

Software configuration

Software configuration are the steps taken anytime you purchase new software. We’ve included this as the first step of the software development process because it is part of a continuum of services, With some software, configuration can be complex, like when using workflow to trigger actions or when you need specialized knowledge about the industry to setup the software.

Examples of software configuration include:

  • Setting up users and security roles
  • Deciding between options, like cash basis vs accrual models for accounting, or LIFO or FIFO for inventory management
  • Automating email responses for orders or inquiries
  • Establishing default settings

After helping you select the right technology, we can help you get the application setup. If your solution requires specific industry or application knowledge, we can work closely with a software implementation partner to get you up and running.

Software implementation specialists

We know a lot about business technology – but can’t be experts in everything, Some software applications have throngs of specialized consultants who have mastered the configuration of that solution. Examples include:

  • QuickBooks & accounting software advisors
  • CRM and email marketing consultants
  • Manufacturing solution consultants
  • Project management consultants
  • WordPress / website designers

If we think someone else is better suited to the task, we’ll tell you right away.