Our Promise

Like a doctor or an attorney, our job is to look out for your best interests. Sure, we have our favorite brands, but we don’t have vendor quotas to meet.

We work to earn your trust every day by:

  • Staying neutral and objective, putting your needs first
  • Focusing on our areas of technical expertise – and telling you when a project is outside of our skill sets
  • Doing what we say we’ll do

Our word is our bond. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. If something goes wrong, we make it right. We put our words into action.

Our Philosophy

We treat our clients like we want to be treated. We don’t believe you have to upgrade just because the software vendor puts out a new release.  

When money is tight, we will help you prioritize and plan ahead to stretch your technology budget. Our technology consulting team hold certifications from Apple, Microsoft and from other software companies as well.

We speak plain English, and recommend solutions that fit your technology comfort level.

Our Clients

Our clients tell us they like working with us because we’re also a small business, and are responsive to their needs. Our customers typically:

  • Have 5-100 employees
  • Don’t usually have a dedicated in-house IT support team
  • Are managing lots of data, systems and paper
  • Know there must be a better way!

Many of our customers are located in South Michigan – Macomb, Oakland & Wayne Counties – but we also do remote technology consulting work for companies who are out of state.

what we believe

The Last 20%

It’s tempting for small business owners, and even mid-sized business executives, to go on a never-ending hunt for the perfect set of software solutions, ending up with a patchwork quilt of software – that’s never been sewn together.


I’m Ryan J Schave.

I founded Eclipse Consulting more than 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve grown into a small, but rock-solid group of:

  • IT professionals
  • Technical support engineers
  • and custom software developers

In many ways, we’re your typical IT services firm. But in one key way, our company is different.

We’re strong finishers.

We believe in going all the way – doing the last 20%. They say small businesses often take on the personality of their owner, and in our case, that’s true.

My hobby is long-distance running. I don’t mean marathons, I mean ultra-marathons.

100K runs.

24-hour runs.

People tell me I’m crazy. But I love it!

Running a business is like… long-distance running!

 Without planning, you’ll fail.

You need the proper equipment, training, habits and support. It’s not the things you’ll do “one day,” it’s the IT policies and procedures you follow every day. It’s the investment you make in your employees and in your technology. It’s building your business using a solid IT strategy.

That’s what differentiates you.

Your needs will change. The business environment will change. New technology will continue to provide new opportunities.

We help you continue to progress towards your goals.

  • Adding employees
  • Delighting customers
  • Increasing efficiency

As a small IT services firm, we get to know YOU – your company’s strengths, goals, challenges and weaknesses. We make IT recommendations that fit where you are today, and where you’d like to be in the future. Ready to go the distance? Give us a try. You’ll see how we’re different.