Software development exists on a continuum, from just a basic installation with configuration to full-scale software development. When we start working together, one of our first steps will be to define what you need.

An accounting system lets you pick whether you’re on a cash or accrual basis. Inventory systems let you choose between FIFO and LIFO.

Anytime a customer places an order through your eCommerce store, an integration can update your accounting and CRM systems.

You’re using a manufacturing package that does 80% of what you need. With programming, you can get the last 20% built so you can maintain your competitive edge.

You want to pull data from 3 different website or systems and have the information sent to you as a report at 5:00 every day.

As a software development company, we provide you with the flexibility to run your business your way, which can create a competitive edge.

  • Are you better off buying software and customizing it – or starting from scratch?
  • Which programming language should we use?
  • How will the new software integrate with the systems you have in place today?
  • Who will support the software once it’s in place?

Programming has come a long way in the last decade, making software development far more affordable than you might think!

How much does custom software cost?

It depends. We can help you weigh your options to decide if custom software is right for your organization.



When you buy new software, it needs to be setup with your organization’s information and adjusted to your preferences.

database administration 2


There are thousands of great small business software programs on the market today. The challenge is finding a software program that handles more than one thing exceptionally well.

customizations 2


Software isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. There is a lot of integrations and customizations that can be added to your software. When you’re looking for software customization or configuration, Eclipse Consulting is here to help!  

application development


As a software development company, we can build you exactly what you need, improving efficiency, morale and customer satisfaction. During the first phase of your software development project, we’ll work to define exactly what you need.