At a Glance

We help growing businesses flourish – efficiently and securely.  

Whether you’re looking to add employees, add new locations, or scale up operations, we can help you meet your business goals. You may not be ready to hire full-time IT staff, yet you need practical business-oriented technical advice and on-demand help desk support.

As your IT partner, some of the ways we help growing businesses are by helping you:

  • Develop an IT roadmap so you have a framework for technology decisions
  • Select hardware and software that will serve your business now – and in the future,
  • Be on-call for technical support – but even more importantly – helping you avoid those situations

When you work with us, you’re not locked into expensive monthly fees. Our flexible IT services can be adapted to your needs as you grow.  With our help, you avoid both obvious and hidden problems.  

Technology for growing businesses

Using technology to modernize your business processes can make you more profitable. No matter what type of business you run today, you’re dependent on technology. Using technology to modernize your business processes can help you realize your vision – and enjoy the journey.  

1. Get the professional IT services you need. 

Don’t let preventable problems slow down your business growth. Hiring IT professionals is probably less expensive than you imagine, and definitely less expensive than fixing these problems after they occur.  

We can provide either ongoing proactive IT maintenance or as-needed IT support and services for your business.  

Don’t leave technology in the hands of amateurs. We’ve seen it all – firewalls installed, but not properly configured; employees using personal email accounts for business, then quitting, leaving the owner without accesshaving a data failure and only then realizing the backup-restore procedure was never tested.  

2. Give employees the technology they need to enhance productivity. 

Pick software that meets your needs today and can scale with you as you grow. Far too frequently, we work with clients who bought software programs that are too expensive and cumbersome, hoping they’ll need that functionality “someday.” Conversely, some companies “make do” with Excel spreadsheets for far too long. The key to keeping employees happy and productive is giving employees the software and hardware they need. We can help you make the right choice the first time – and every time!   

As needs have changed recently with more people working remotely, you may need to take a fresh look at your IT infrastructure so you can adapt to the new remote work environment.  

3. Enforce IT security at multiple levels.

IT security is a job that’s never done. With cyberattacks on small businesses being a persistent threat, you have a responsibility to build in safeguards at multiple levels. From developing and enforcing IT policies and procedures to keeping anti-virus and firewall software up-to-date. And of course, always having backup and recovery systems in place.  

Choose Eclipse Consulting for IT Services 

As an IT services provider, we can point you in the direction of systems that work well for growing businesses as well as assist with other issues like: 

  • Setting up new users 
  • Deciding to standardize on Microsoft or Google productivity platforms
  • Enforcing IT policies & procedures
  • Troubleshooting server and computer problems
  • Running regular backups

Having a reliable IT service provider will ensure that your IT environment runs smoothly, keeping your business on track. We can work remotely anywhere in the United States. Our team of IT professionals can securely login to your computer to run diagnostics and fix issues quickly. You decide which employees are authorized to call for IT support and services. While most clients today prefer remote services and support, we can provide onsite IT services around Detroit – specifically Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. Give us a try! Call us at 586.263.1775.