At a Glance

Software customizations make standard software fit your business processes better

Customizations start with a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software package, which is then tailored to meet your unique requirements. Customizing an existing solution is a great choice when a standard solution already does 80-90 percent of what you need. With our software customization services, we will:

  • Gather your requirements and create a scope of work
  • Understand the edge cases that create exceptions to the normal rules
  • Follow best practices to make sure the base software can be upgraded as needed
  • Build, test, document and deploy the code
  • Provide user training and ongoing technical support

If you’re working around inefficient processes – or want to lock-in a competitive differentiation, see if software customization is right for your organization.

Software customizations are not the same as configurations

Some software programs have advanced configuration options that may feel like customizations, but they’re not. The difference really comes down to whether programming is required. When a package does most (but not all) of what you need it to do, you can either find another software package and integrate it or customize the software solution. 

Software customizations  

Using the SDK (software development kit) made available by the software vendor, software customization involves taking a base pre-packaged software solution, like QuickBooks, and adding features that are unique to your organization. For example, you may take orders in from the web and create an auto-look up of shipping weight and zip code to create a custom shipping cost. 

Whether you’re looking for software configuration, customization or full software development, Eclipse Consulting is here to help!