At a Glance

New office setup

Need a new office setup? Whether it’s a home office, a new branch, or a new business, we can help you setup your new office for success.

We’ll take care of everything within your office walls, including buying or moving:

  • VOIP telephony
  • Computer equipment
  • Software
  • Firewalls & anti-malware solutions
  • Physical security solutions like security cameras and/or badging solutions

As your IT partner, some of the ways we help business grow are by helping you:

  • Develop an IT roadmap so you have a framework for technology decisions
  • Select hardware and software that will serve your business now and in the future
  • Be on-call for technical support – but even more importantly – helping you avoid those situations

When you work with us, you’re not locked into expensive monthly fees. Our flexible IT services can be adapted to fulfill your needs as you grow.  With our help, you avoid both obvious and hidden problems.  

New office considerations

Focus on creating a strong IT foundation from the outset, so your business runs smoothly. We can help you plan and setup your new business IT environment. Some components to think about when creating your IT foundation are:

  • What kind of computers should you buy – Mac or Windows? Desktops or laptops?
  • How much hard drive space and memory do you need?
  • Do you need a server – or should you host your IT platform in the cloud?
  • What software will you use to run your business?
  • Do you have security policies and procedures in place for contractors and employees?
  • What email system will you use?
  • Who will maintain your systems?
  • How will you ensure you have proper backups and that they can be recovered?

We come in with one goal – to create systems that work for YOU and that will grow with you. Having a reliable IT service provider will get you setup correctly from the beginning – and keep your business running smoothly.  We work remotely or provide onsite IT services in Detroit – specifically Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties.