Find opportunities and reduce risk with a business technology assessment

We offer a free online IT self-assessment for you to gauge the health of your business technology. And of course, you can always call us for a free consultation. But often, we find our clients THINK their systems are efficient and secure, but they’re not. That’s why it’s worth it to book a business technology assessment to get an independent opinion from our IT professionals.

A business technology assessment is an easy, affordable way to understand what’s going on with your business technology. These technology assessments start as low as $500. An Eclipse Consulting IT professional will review your IT environment for risks and opportunities. We will look at:

  • Your current technology and business challenges
  • Hardware – servers, desktops, laptops
  • Infrastructure software – operation system, email, file storage
  • Productivity/line of business software
  • Data security tools
  • IT policies & procedures

We’ll wrap up this short project by delivering an Business Technology Assessment Report with our recommendations. Because technology and business are both constantly evolving, we recommend you get an IT assessment every 3-4 years. You can use our findings as the start of your IT roadmap – or maybe you’ll just sleep better knowing your systems are secure.

Request a Technology Assessment

Save money

Reduce software licensing costs

Reduce hidden risks

Discover what you didn’t know

Improve efficiency

Work faster and smarter

A technology assessment helps you create an advantage!

Over the past 20+ years, our IT professionals have worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries – manufacturers, retailers, professional services, realtors – all are dependent on technology to compete effectively.

If you haven’t had a comprehensive review of your IT environment lately, we have good news and bad news for you…. Which do you want to hear first?

The good news?

You likely have a treasure trove of potential in your business. A fresh perspective from an outsider like us may help you realize ways that technology can help you add new revenue streams and create efficiencies that cut down on administrative expense.

We can help you develop IT strategies to accelerate your business success. Every plan is customized to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Or the bad news?

Your technology is likely out-of-date and that may catch up with you. Little things like not testing your backup and recovery process can become devastating if you can’t recover the data when you need it.

And while data loss is scary, being “behind the times” can cause a slow leak in your business, draining you physically and financially.

We can help you see the hidden risks – and POSSIBILITIES!

Who is this Technology Assessment designed for?

This IT Assessment is perfect for you if you are considering purchasing new technology, migrating to the cloud, concerned with compliance or data security, or just frustrated with technology.

How does the process work?

  1. Fill out the form on this page call our office at 586.263.1775.
  2. Our office staff will call you back to:
    • Answer any questions you may have.
    • Schedule the on-site assessment.
    • Give you a firm price quote. For businesses with up to 2 servers and 15 computers, the IT Assessment is $500. (Note, we’ll will only look at a sampling of computers.) For larger businesses, we can give you a custom quote.
  3. One of our seasoned Eclipse Consulting IT Professionals will come to your office at the appointed time. Expect the appointment will take between 90 minutes and two hours. We’ll want to meet with the person/people in charge of the business and the IT environment.
  4.  Within 1-2 weeks of the on-site IT assessment, we’ll deliver you a report with our findings.
  5. We’ll then schedule a 30-minute online conference call to discuss the report.