5 Ways Dropbox may be giving you a false sense of security

The Danger of Dropbox

…and OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc…

Cloud-based file storage is a real asset to businesses today.  Clients and colleagues can easily collaborate on documents. Files can be accessed from any device. And backups happen automatically. 

However, there are also downsides to cloud storage. Whether you use Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box – they are all great programs – and they all have some inherent issues.

1. Documents can be deleted or written over.

Sure, sometimes you can roll back the changes if you notice in time, but there is a danger that you may lose content permanently if you don’t notice in time.

2. Data can be stolen.

Employees may use Dropbox to access file from unsecured locations – coffee shops, airports, and public WIFIs. Without strong passwords and robust security measures, your data becomes vulnerable.

3. Application data is not backed up.

Cloud storage is wonderful for backing up documents, spreadsheets and photos, but often is not large enough (or secure enough) to create backups of your entire system and application data.  What would happen if you lost all your accounting records? Or the customizations you had done on your order processing software? You’d be kicking yourself for not having these systems properly backed up.

4. You may be breaking laws.

Certain data must be properly secured. Legal files. Patient records. Credit card data. Penalties for compliance violations can be steep – or can result in lawsuits.

5. There’s no way to know where your data goes.

Because Dropbox allows syncing to personal devices and file sharing with no audit trail, there is no accountability when files are lost, changed or shared with others.

While Dropbox and other file sharing programs provide immense convenience, small business owners need to understand the consequences of choosing the easy route. We can help you think through your entire IT strategy, including file storage and file sharing policy and IT governance decisions so that you can protect your data, and protect your business, while giving your employees the tools they need to be professional and productive.

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