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API Access: Ask before buying Business software

When companies buy small business software, they usually think about the features and functions they need, but quite often forget how to ask:

  • Will this software easily fit into my IT environment?
  • Does the software offer API access so I can create streamlined workflows for my employees?
  • Does the software include an SDK (software development kit) in case I want to customize the software later?

Let’s talk specifically about API access and why it’s so important.

What’s an API?

API stands for application programming interface. An API acts almost like an extension cord you would use in your house. It can be used to connect two different programs together – or even build a customized extension to the application.

The API provides standard building blocks that other software developers can use to connect to customizable components of a program, ensuring that calls securely access the right bundle of resources.

How might API access be used?

An API is often used to send information from one program into another. For example, you might take an eCommerce order from your website. The API call would then automatically send that contact and order data into your customer relationship management system to fulfill the order. The benefit of having an API is that the programmers who developed the software don’t have to understand the structure of any other software, and they don’t risk accidentally compromising the code of the other product.

Using integration tools

Software programs with API can sometimes allow you to use low-code integration tools like Zapier to connect different applications and automate standard workflows without having to create custom code. Of course, if you need specialized automation and help with software integration, that’s something that our software development team can help with.

What if my software doesn’t have an API?

If you buy software that doesn’t provide API access, customizing it to meet your needs is going to be more difficult, more expensive, and maybe even impossible. Programmers don’t want other programmers touching their source code because it threatens the stability of the system.

Most modern small business software will come with API access. The fact that a software program today does not allow API access should be a red flag. If you are evaluating different small business software packages, and would like our professional IT opinion on the selecting the right business technology, dont hesitate to contact us for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is API access important?

API access is important because it allows for faster innovation. More people can contribute to a company with the different barriers that API access allows.

What is an API?

An API acts like an extension cord with your technology – creating the link between two different programs together.

When do you use API?

API is used to connect programs together. Use APIs when you need a new interaction between various applications on a daily basis.

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