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Considering moving to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the productivity platform once called Office 365. As a Microsoft Partner, we help you make the most of your technology investment. Our IT Professionals will help you:

  1. Select the appropriate Microsoft 365 licenses. You don’t want to pay too much – or not get the features you need. While the Microsoft website has a lot of information, our team can get your questions answered more quickly and more thoroughly.
  2. Create the account. Setup initial users, permissions and mailboxes. We’ll help you understand your options around security and shared resources, mailboxes, teams and groups.
  3. Sync your Microsoft accounts. If you have an on-premise Active Directory, we can setup user synchronization with Microsoft 365.
  4. Move your emails and data from other systems into the Microsoft Cloud. Whether you’re moving from an on-premise Exchange Server or G-Suite, your old mailboxes and file servers can be moved over so everything can be accessed from one central location.
  5. Setup storage, security and archiving rules. Setup rules for automatic email encryption. Establish secure connections between mail servers. Create forwarding rules. Enable litigation holds when necessary to preserve email in case of legal action. Help manage HIPAA or other privacy compliance concerns. Decide on anti-malware, backup and other data security needs.
Let our technology experts here at Eclipse Consulting support your business systems, troubleshoot problems, and help your team use technology to your advantage.

Why should you move to Microsoft 365?

With the new Microsoft 365 you can get more done with innovative features, such as:

  • Access content securely with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Reduce risk with built-in Data Loss Prevention.
  • Never miss a security release with Deferred Updates.
  • Log in just once with Windows 10 Hello and Single Sign On.
  • Co-author documents at the same time.
  • Always stay connected with Teams meetings.
  • Get files out of your inbox with Modern Attachments.
  • Save time with Microsoft Office Templates and Themes.
  • Connect the team with shared notebooks.
  • Take Office everywhere with mobile apps.
  • Find the right command, fast, with help from Tell Me.
  • Quickly find what you’re looking for with Smart Lookup.
  • Access your most recently used documents from any device.

As your technology partner, we can offer full support your systems and troubleshoot problems at any time.

Click image to download the Microsoft 365 Productivity Guide

15 tips Microsoft 365 partner

Work anywhere

Let everyone work the way they work best – in & out of the office – with familiar programs like Word & Excel.

Save money

Microsoft 365 lowers the total cost of ownership while improving mobile and IT worker productivity.

Protect your data

Microsoft 365 helps you know you’re managing and protecting your company’s devices, data & budget.


Edit documents in real time across devices and platforms. Share documents securely and hold online meetings.

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