At a Glance

Make sure your business data is backed up!

Let us create a backup and recovery plan – and continually manage it – so you don’t have to worry about losing data or losing sleep!

  • Back up to multiple locations, including offsite copies
  • Have written backup procedures that are rigorously followed
  • Routinely test the recovery process

Data loss events almost always happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Don’t wait until you experience a data loss to learn the lesson. Your backup and recovery plan is critical to business continuity and disaster recovery.

With our help, you avoid losing valuable data and time.

Small Business Backup and Recovery Plans

Having a small business backup plan is critical, but so is testing the recovery processes.

Over 66% of small businesses who experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

There are so many heartbreaking stories of companies who “thought” they had a small business backup plan, only to find the recovery disk failed or that when the entire office was flooded, the backup systems were also on site.  When we help companies create a backup and recovery plan, we ask them these two critical questions:

How much DATA can you afford to lose?

How much DOWNTIME can you afford?

Downtime and data loss can cost you money, and your reputation.

Imagine a wedding photographer losing a customer’s wedding photos. When you consider the negative publicity they receive on social media and review sites, this one “small’ mistake could cost the company their entire business.

The scale of your small business backup and recovery plans depends largely on your answer to those two questions.

Keep IT System Records

Make sure you have the passwords, file names, vendor support numbers. We recommend clients create a “red binder” of critical information about your IT environment that can be pulled out in an emergency. Know your logins!, Dropbox, Google Drive and other file sharing solutions can make collaboration easier and will store files in the cloud, but they don’t replace having and testing your small business backup plan.