At a Glance

Custom software delivers exactly what you need

Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) is designed to fit the needs of a majority of people, and sometimes it’s just not the right fit. With custom developed software, we can tailor the software to perfectly align with your business processes, improving efficiency, morale and customer satisfaction. During the first phase of your software development project, we’ll define what you need in order to decide:

  • Whether we’re better off buying software and customizing it – or starting from scratch
  • What we’re creating, and how it will be used. For example, will this be a mobile app?
  • Which programming language should we use
  • How will the new software integrate with the systems you have in place today
  • Who will support the software once it’s in place

Custom software development tools

Which programming software language or tool is right for your project? We won’t know until we have a better understanding of your technical environment, and the scope of the software development project.

Some of the tools and platforms we frequently use include:
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How much does custom software development cost?

How much time and money can it save you? The answer to both these questions is “it depends…” Learn more about what goes into software development.