At a Glance

Help employees be productive at home or in the office

When companies rapidly shifted to remote work in 2020, people did the best they could to keep business moving forward. Today, companies are looking at longer term work-from-home and hybrid solutions, either to save on office space or to simply support remote work. Our work-from-home consultations look at:

  • The hardware and software employees need to work from home
  • How to improve employees collaboration
  • Ways to thwart cybersecurity threats and risk of data loss
  • Guidance around IT best practices
  • Hybrid and work-from-home IT policies and procedures

With Eclipse Consulting as your partner, your employees will have the support they need to work from anywhere.

Work at home – or anywhere – securely and efficiently.

Designed for employers with less than 100 employees working at home or in a hybrid work environment, we’ll help you transition your team to secure and efficient work at home or hybrid technology and business processes.

What’s Included?

Seasoned Eclipse Consulting IT Professionals will provide guidance around:
  • Work at home office capabilities
    Are employees using their own laptops and printers? What business software do employees need? How do they access it?
  • Business continuity and client support
    How do employees access community files? Who is answering the office phone? Are you able to easily serve clients?
  • Employee productivity
    How are you measuring employee productivity? Do employees have the tools they need to work efficiently?
  • Data security
    How can you ensure protection of your business data and customer contact information?