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Windows 7 End of Life Countdown Clock

Do you still have computers running Windows 7?

Tick tock.

It’s time!

Windows 7 must be replaced – and that’s not all!

Some of Microsoft’s most popular solutions are being retired, meaning they will no longer be supported by Microsoft. You may not want to change your IT systems, but you won’t have a choice for much longer.

Which Microsoft solutions reach end of support in 2020?

Microsoft has a Products End of Support Page with all their key dates, and the details about mainstream support vs. extended support, but some of the solutions we see regularly include:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2016 for Mac

What does end of support mean?

When a Microsoft product reaches the end of its lifecycle, it means there will be:

  • No new security updates
  • No product enhancements
  • No free or paid support options
  • No online technical content updates

Why upgrade now?

Don’t I have until January 2020 to migrate to new software?

Technically, yes.

But realistically? NO!

If your business depends on these Microsoft solutions to run, you don’t want to take chances by leaving your software migration to the last minute when there is no support. Upgrading software isn’t as simple as running a software installation wizard.

We take the entire IT environment into consideration.

  • Do you need new computer hardware?
  • Where do you have integrations with other software programs?
  • How will the data be migrated?
  • What software will you move to?
  • Should you evaluate new options, like moving to the cloud instead of replacing a server?
  • We can also help you safely wipe and destroy your old Windows 7 and Windows Server 8 computers.

The software upgrade and migration process takes time. The time to start evaluating your options is now. If you have any of these solutions in place today, contact us for a quote so we can get you on our schedule ASAP. You can call us at 586.263.1775 or request a quote below.

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