7 Common OneDrive Issues

Eclipse Consulting identified and addressed the 7 Common OneDrive Issues users face. We offer practical solutions and expert guidance to overcome these issues, ensuring seamless utilization of OneDrive for enhanced productivity and efficiency in business operations.

onedrive issues

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Yet, file sharing with OneDrive still seems to be a source of confusion, so let’s clear up some of the most common OneDrive issues we encounter.   

Common OneDrive Issues 

1. Sync problems between OneDrive and SharePoint

Synchronization can fail across devices due to network issues, file size or type, or how the sync is setup between SharePoint and OneDrive. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to either “sync” or “add a shortcut” to OneDrive, but you can’t do both.  

This choice creates confusion for users.

common onedrive issues

Our recommendation is to use OneDrive for Business for storing personal work-related files, meaning the work-in-progress files that ONLY YOU need access to. Once you’re ready for that file to be reviewed and revised by others, that’s when it should be moved to the SharePoint folder.  

Where we can help: OneDrive synchronization can stop working due to multiple reasons, such as network issues, account problems, file size limits, incompatible file types, etc. Our team can help troubleshoot the source of the issue.  

2. Can’t find the right document

Do you have file names like, Doc_Final_Final_Final_v4.docx? Do you know that instead of having multiple versions of the same file, you can have multiple “snapshots” of the same file. Use the Version Control feature in Microsoft 365 to compare and/or roll back to prior versions of the file.  

common onedrive issues

Where we can help: If you are experiencing general “file access problems”, we can help. We can investigate why OneDrive users are not able to access their files online or offline, which may be due to authentication errors, permission issues, connectivity problems, or something else.  

3. Files are missing or overwritten

OneDrive maintains file backups for a set period of time, but in some cases, even the backups can get lost and corrupted. OneDrive files may be deleted or overwritten by retention policies, accidental actions, or even ransomware attacks, This prevents users from recovering their data from the recycle bin or version history.  

Where we can help: If you call us soon after discovering that your organization is experiencing data loss, we may be able to still recover these files. However, this is one of those scenarios where “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Without proper backup procedures in place, there is no guarantee that data recovery will be possible.  

4. Unauthorized access to files / data security concerns

Microsoft is trying to compete with Google and Dropbox by making it easier to share files. However, since Microsoft OneDrive is more oriented toward corporate security environments, sharing files is still not easy. Even seeing who has access to your files and shared drives is not transparent.  

Organizations can deter unauthorized access to files by taking a multi-pronged approach. Use IT policies to enforce strong passwords and require multi-factor authentication. Create procedures for user onboarding and offboarding so you don’t end up with “ghost users” in your system. But the biggest risk to data security always rests with the users – giving out their password, falling for a phishing scam, or even sending a link that gives someone access to something they shouldn’t see. It’s always a good idea to set expiration dates for links when you’re sending files to external users.  

common onedrive issues

Where we can help: Our team can help with all aspects of your data security plan, from setting up firewalls to making sure your IT policies fit your organization’s needs.  

5. Storage limits

OneDrive data storage limits are quite high, with most plans offering at least 1 Terabyte of storage. If your organization deals with large file sizes or has lots of duplicate files, it’s possible to run out of space – or encounter performance issues. Sometimes it’s not the OneDrive storage that’s the issue, but rather the device storage that is too small or incompatible.  

Where we can help: Our team can help you troubleshoot file storage issues. You may need to upgrade your subscription plan, replace hardware, delete files, or use selective sync to free up some space.  

6. Performance issues

OneDrive users may experience sluggishness when trying to upload or download files.  This may be normal if users are moving multiple files at once or are working in a place with a poor network connection.  

Where we can help:  If performance issues are an ongoing concern, we can look at your network conditions, device specifications, sync settings and other common sources of OneDrive performance problems.  

7. General user complaints

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what the problem is, especially if users are accessing OneDrive from their own devices. Creating standard operating procedures can help users find the files and folders they need, You may need to teach them how to search for files and make sure they are working from a compatible device.  

Where we can help: Our team can help you standardize your OneDrive platform to make it easier for users to access and share the files they need.  We also offer “as needed” outsourced technical support.  

Keeping OneDrive running smoothly  

For many of our clients, OneDrive is critical to their business. We can help you setup and regularly monitor and maintain OneDrive so that your files are always accessible to the right people.  

Many of our clients purchase blocks of hours and have designated users who gatekeep which issues get sent to our support queue. This allows us to act as your external IT team in a way that’s both efficient and economical. 

Our consulting and support services are designed to keep your business running smoothly by keeping your technology running smoothly. Please reach out by scheduling a free call with us.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix my OneDrive storage issues?

You may be running into storage issues because you have run out of room. You may need to buy more storage or delete some files.

Why do I have syncing issues in OneDrive?

OneDrive can fail to sync for a few reasons. Sometimes there are invalid characters in the file names, or your syncing apps are just outdate.

Why isn’t OneDrive uploading?

OneDrive not uploading can happen if you are signed into the Microsoft 365 app with an account that doesn’t have the right permissions. Make sure you’re signed in with the right account and re-sync your files to avoid OneDrive issues.

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