G Suite or Office 365

G Suite and Office 365

Email is still the #1 tool for business communication. We believe that every business of any size needs a professional email system like Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite (Google Business Apps).

However… we routinely see businesses – even long established businesses – using @gmail, @yahoo, @comcast and other personal email addresses for their business.  We see 5 strong reasons why you should make the switch. 

1. Personal email accounts don’t promote your brand.

As a Michigan technology services company, this issue is probably the least of our concerns, but always on top of our minds. When you hand someone a business card that has @aol, @yahoo or @hotmail on it, they may assume that either you’re not computer savvy or that you’re not serious about your business. Branding your email with your domain is easy – and it gives you an opportunity to present a polished image to the world.

2. Personal email accounts have a higher risk of being spoofed.

Anyone can setup a gmail email address. It’s free. That means it’s easy to spoof an email. We’ve seen it happen where someone gets a very similar gmail account and impersonates an employee. Unless you have eagle eyes, it’s easy to miss. G Suite and Office 365 have authentication procedures and built-in data security tools to ensure your data stays protected.

3. G Suite and Office 365 come with collaboration tools.

G Suite and Office 365 make it easy to share files and calendars. You can book shared resources like conference rooms or phone lines. You can simultaneously edit a document. You can connect quickly via chat or video conference. These solutions make running a business so much easier.

4. G Suite and Office 365 offer plenty of options for technical support

If something happens to your personal email account, there’s no one available to help. By contrast, G Suite and Office 365 have thousands of support articles online, live chat, telephone support – plus an army of technology partners (like us!) who can diagnose and repair your business systems when you encounter issues.

5. G Suite and Office 365 enable you to manage employee’s credentials.

What happens if an employee leaves? If employees are using a personal email account, their account walks out the door with them. Even if you have their password, they can change it.  Why would you risk losing those valuable business contacts and business data? You shouldn’t.

Moving to G Suite or Office 365

When we move a client to one of these new platforms, we can either bring in all the existing emails and contacts – or you can choose to start fresh, running both email accounts until you are fully transitioned. The switch is much simpler than you might think!

So… G Suite or Microsoft Office 365?

There are lots of considerations we look at when we recommend either solution. You can find lots of posts comparing Google Apps (G Suite) with Microsoft Office 365. Some of the better articles are:

Plus you can find feature comparisons on tech review sites like GetApp’s Microsoft Office 365 vs G Suite Comparison Chart.

Please contact us for assistance! You can reach our technical support via email at support@eclipse-online.com or by calling 1-586-263-1775.