5 Mistakes buying computers

Today, it’s easy enough to go pick up a computer from Best Buy, Costco, Amazon or other tech retailer. The question is whether you get the RIGHT computer for your business. There’s a reason these places are considered CONSUMER electronic stores – not BUSINESS electronic stories.

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small business technology

No matter what your business actually does – real estate, retail, manufacturing, services – you’re dependent on technology.

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small business data security breach

According to to the Privacy Rights Clearing House, over 900 MILLION records have been compromised in 7,283 public data security breaches since 2005. While that number may seem HUGE, it’s actually a gross underestimation, because that figure does not include private security breaches.  Read more

there has to be a better way

As a small business technology advisor, we’ll often be called into an office to provide technical support.  Sometimes the client will casually mention some glaring inefficiency that we know could be easily be remedied with a software program.  Read more

DIY IT Services

Have you ever heard that saying…

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”?

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