With THOUSANDS of small business software programs on the market today, why are you still struggling to run your business efficiently?

We believe it’s because you’re missing the last 20%.

The critical 20%.

The MAGIC 20%.

It’s tempting for small business owners, and even mid-sized business executives, to go on a never-ending hunt for the perfect set of software solutions, ending up with a patchwork quilt of software – that’s never been sewn together.

The first 80% of business functionality can usually be implemented with an out-of-the box selection of the right software. Where you can differentiate is figuring out how to achieve the last 20%.

  • Connecting your website to your accounting system to speed up customer response times
  • Developing an app that makes information more accessible
  • Customizing your inventory software so it’s clear what you have on hand
  • Automating processes so your business can scale

Stop settling for what exists.

Working slower.


Less efficiently.

Why are you stuck?

You don’t know what’s possible.

You may believe that customizing software is too expensive.

You may not know how to connect your systems.

Most businesses are drowning in data and thirsty for information.

When you don’t know what’s possible, you settle for what is.

Eclipse Consulting focuses on helping you close the gap on the last 20 percent.

In a world where the next bright shiny object can pull your focus away from what matters, Eclipse Consulting can help you stay the course with a comprehensive technology consulting and ongoing IT services and technical support.