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Eclipse Consulting helps growing small businesses with custom software development and software integration using tools like django, flask, .net, jquery & more
software development, software integration, django
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Software Development

Is the cost of inefficiency becoming too expensive?

Can’t find what you need? Or do you have a software that does most of what you want….it just needs a little modification?

As a software development company in the Metro Detroit Michigan area, we can build you exactly what you need, improving efficiency, morale and customer satisfaction. During the first phase of your software development project, we’ll work to define exactly what you need:

  • Are you better off buying software and customizing it – or starting from scratch?
  • Which programming language should we use?
  • How will the new software integrate with the systems you have in place today?
  • Who will support the software once it’s in place?
All those questions and more will be spelled out in the initial software development plan.


We can either find an existing add-on software solution or write a custom solution for many major software programs including:

  • Quickbooks
  • Profit 21
  • Dynamics CRM


Almost every company duplicates effort somewhere. Building integrations saves time, money and reduces the risk of error.

Software Development

Do you have an idea for an app or a program that just doesn’t exist on the market today? Using technology like Django and .NET, we can build exactly what you need.

The Software Development Process

Software development company detroit

The software development process begins by defining exactly what you need and figuring out the best approach. You’ll receive a software development plan that defines the project. Larger projects may be broken into phases.


In this phase, we develop the solution or integration using custom software development tools. The programming language and software we use depends of the type of project and your requirements.


No software development project can be declared complete until it has been thoroughly tested.  We’ll carefully follow testing scripts to ensure all aspects of the new software solution have been tested in your IT environment.


Once the software has been thoroughly tested, we will put it into your live environment.  In the software development world, this is often referred to as the production environment. We’ll train your users and communicate the new system’s technical support strategy.

Software Development Tools & Platforms Frequently Used

Which programming software language or tool is right for your project? We won’t know until we have a better understanding of your technical environment, and the scope of the software development project.

Some of the tools and platforms we frequently use include: