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Outsourced IT Services: 5 Reasons to Hire an External IT Team

Hire IT Staff or Use Outsourced IT Services?

Today, every business depends on technology. That means every business must find a way to manage technology. Whether you have an IT team or not, we can help guide you through the processes and help provide guidance for:

1. Strategic IT Decisions

When a small business owner or manager tells an employee to do something, they usually just do it. Part of the job of an external IT support team is to push back when the management team is moving the wrong direction. Setting and maintaining an IT strategy will keep your software, hardware, processes and employees in alignment.

2. Wider Array of IT Skills

An outsourced IT services provider can bring in different consultants for your project. Software development. Microsoft. QuickBooks. Along the way, your needs may change. An external technical team can adapt and grow along with you.

3. Better IT Support

Because an external IT support team works with multiple businesses and immerses themselves in the technology solutions they offer, they can often correctly diagnose and correct IT support issues much more quickly than others. Plus, they’ll often be available after hours when needed.

4. No Payroll Hassles

Hiring and firing employees is both stressful and risky. With an IT services provider, you can grow and shrink your IT expenses more easily. As well as keep your information on lock after an employee leaves.

5. Less Frustration

While there may be many hidden costs of working inefficiently, one of the biggest tolls is the emotional stress and frustration of having technology problems. “Why isn’t my email working?” “But we JUST bought that server…” “I thought we were backed up.” “How did we get hacked?”

Metro Detroit Outsourced IT Services Provider

Is it time to outsource IT? Are you looking for a new Metro Detroit IT services provider? Do you need someone to work with your website designer to connect the website to your backend systems? Here at Eclipse Consulting, we’re affordable, fair and professional. We’re a Southeast Michigan IT Services Provider that serves small-to-mid-sized businesses. Set up a meeting to see if we’re a fit for your needs.

Outsourced IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are benefits of outsourcing IT services?

Some great benefits of having an outsourced IT team are the control of IT costs, experience, compliance and security, and reducing labor costs.

When should I start outsourcing my IT?

If you’re due for a technology upgrade or just are spending too much time and money on your IT services currently, it might be time to switch to outsourcing your IT services.

What IT services can be outsourced?

At Eclipse Consulting we offer all of our services as outsourced services. It all depends on your needs and preference.

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