Every business is a technology business - Eclipse Consulting
Eclipse Consulting provides technology strategy, technology consulting and technology support for companies in the Detroit Michigan area.
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Every business is a technology business

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Every business is a technology business

No matter what your business actually does – real estate, retail, manufacturing, services – you’re dependent on technology. You are a technology business!

Technology to find and keep customers.

Technology to you get paid.

Technology to improve efficiency.

Many old-school businesses have experienced significant growing pains as technology has become more and more essential to running a business. Companies in the Greater Detroit area of Michigan rely on Eclipse Consulting as a trusted technology advisor.

We help you understand your technology choices, ensuring the tools you select will meet your business needs. We manage software implementation projects and provide ongoing IT support. Our focus is on finding the right solution, which is why we’re committed to being vendor agnostic, supporting both Microsoft & Apple products, as well as many popular software programs. If the right solution doesn’t exist, we can either modify an existing software program or custom develop software for you.

Not sure what you need? Start by understanding the 7 technology areas that have the greatest impact on your business. If you think we can help, give us a call at 586.263.1775.

Your business is a technology business